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Dunky Cup Reaches Kickstarter Finish Line!


First Production Run Begins

We’re pleased to announce that Dunky Cup recently crossed the finish line, meeting over 100% of our fundraising goal. The first production run is near completion and cups are expected to ship to pledgers in mid May. “We’re very pleased with the Kickstarter outcome, but it wasn’t easy. These days, Kickstarter campaigns are very polished and many have heavy-hitting investors. Our campaign was a grass roots effort that we’re very proud of. Lots of blood, sweat, and tears went into it”, states founder Jim Smith. Next step for Dunky Cup is to begin designing some sweet packaging that will look fantastic on store shelves. Also, soon the cups will be available to order directly from and eventually through online stores such as Amazon and possibly Oddity Mall.

Press Release: Dunky Cup – Dunk Like a Boss


Dunky Cup is a fun new way to enjoy one of America’s favorite pastimes – Milk and Cookies
Phoenix, AZ, February 4, 2017 ( – ​​​​​​​​​​​​Phoenix-based startup, Sprybird LLC, just released a fun new product that is a must-have for cookie dunkers.

Named Dunky Cup, it is redefining the milk and cookie experience. Heavy-duty, yet sleek and comfortable to hold, the dunking cup was meticulously crafted for various-shaped cookies and milk. Inspired by the creator’s love for Oreo Cookies (TM), the three pockets also nestle a variety of morsels such as Milano’s (TM), graham crackers, vanilla wafers, and even your own freshly baked cookies. At center stage, ice cold milk, tea, or coffee is stored and is where the dunking fun and mystique takes place. As an added bonus, Dunky Cup allows you to ditch the plate, elevating you to cookie dunking bliss with a simple, yet innovative approach to cookie dunking.

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Dunky Cup Launches Website!

site launch dunky cup
Dunky Cup is proud and excited to announce the launching of our new website:

As you can see, we have loaded the website up with awesome photos, videos, animations (demos) and more, all so you can experience Dunky Cup before you can even hold one in your hand! Check back frequently for new photos, testimonials, news/press and Kickstarter Updates.

Thanks for your support – Let’s bring Dunky Cup into Production together!